Our drive for perfection has led us to implement the most efficient advanced technological and biological research unit

  • Having seen the potential, the Zwager family initiated a major investment programme to harness the geothermal energy from existing geothermal wells located on the Oserian land. This energy source is accessed by drilling water wells in a process similar to drilling for oil; an energy resource that is clean and reliable.
  • The steam and brine produced provides opportunity of controlling relative humidity and temperature in the greenhouses
  • Carbon dioxide from the same well and neighbouring independant power provider is used to drive productivity to higher levels
  • As a result of the Geothermal investment programme, Oserian is today one of the most technologically advanced flower farms in Kenya
  • Oserian is the largest Geothermal Greenhouse Heating Project in the world, having a 50 ha Rose project employing geothermal heating and carbon dioxide
  • Since September 2004, We have installed two power plants producing a total of 2.9 MW making the farm self sufficient
  • We have complied with the necessary environmental regulations by subjecting all new projects to an EIA study beforehand to ensure that any possible effects on the environment are mitigated and the welfare of the employees is guaranteed.