Our drive for perfection has led us to implement the most efficient advanced technological and biological research unit

  • The Oserian TC Lab supplies its’ own in-house needs for Statice and Gypsophila, as well as a wide range of foreign customers with Statice, Gerbera and Lilies. Through a state of the art laboratory, highly qualified management and stringent procedures, Oserian’s Tissue Culture provides premium tissue culture plants for export and local markets. The quality and affordable Micro-propagation services are a major asset to Oserian.
  • In 1992, as Oserian continually developed and expanded in cut flower production, the need for improved control over cultivation and the importance of having a uniform and clean starting crop were the main drivers behind the establishment of the Tissue Culture Laboratory.
  • As Oserian, we seek to constantly fulfill our customers' needs by efficiently optimising the use of our resources, using state of the art technology combined with the best expertise to consistently evolve our products to revolutionary heights

  • The new development products we have currently been working on and are now running on trial are based on our commitment to continually search for new and exciting crops that add variety and value to our business and satisfy our expanding business clientèle

  • We aim to find long-lasting crops that add beauty and colour to an ever increasing bouquet range