It is our duty to care for our peoples’ welfare and that of our surrounding communities as it is through them that we are where we are today...

We have over the years built very close relations with our neighbours and indeed the whole Naivasha community.

Being a part of the Naivasha family, we have participated extensively helping develop the community further, participating and
sponsoring many community projects.

We value the contribution our people and communities bring to Oserian and understand the importance of giving back to them, having done so for many years before it was made a legal mandate to do so.
    • Inkorienito Water Project: Building of two water storage tanks and two water troughs for cattle at Inkorienito - a pastoralist community neighbouring Oserian farm
    • Moi Ndabi Water Project
    • Rubiri Water Project: Sinking of a borehole, construction of a water storage tank, installation of an electric water pump and connection of electricity to supply water to over 200 families at Rubiri area of Karagita
    • Fair Trade Training Centre: Establishment of a training centre to offer courses in computer skills, tailoring and knitting to employees and their dependants
    • Provision of relief aid to Moi Ndabi residents during the El Nino Floods and the recent drought
    • Construction of Kongoni Primary School
    • Lakeview Primary School Classrooms: Donation of 50 iron sheets to Lakeview Primary School Naivasha to complete the construction of classrooms
    • Purchase of text books for all Oserian Primary Schools
    • Grant of over 300 bursaries for secondary school education of employees’ children
    • Grant of over 400 bursaries to employees and their dependants to enable them access education within tertiary institutions
    • Grant educational scholarships to children for secondary school education
    • Purchase of Sportswear for the Oserian sports teams of volleyball, football and netball
    • World Aids Day: Participation in HIV/AIDS awareness activities by purchasing T Shirts during the World Aids Day
    • Max Havelaar and FairTrade Day: Issuance of blankets to all employees of the Company commemorating the success of Fairtrade at Oserian
    • Provision of tree seedlings to the surrounding communities including Naivasha Municipal Council
    • Purchase of 50 baby cots for use at the Oserian crèche
    • Purchase of a standby generator for the Oserian Health centre to ensure a steady supply of electricity even during power blackout