Oserian’s control systems not only confirm product superiority for our customers but also continue to maintain and extend the optimum level of quality in all our operations

We have consistently maintained high quality standards; employing highly skilled staff and adopting state of the art technology. We constantly evolve our production processes, using top ranking local and international suppliers hence producing and delivering a quality product.
  • Our aim is to provide the customer with a floral product that guarantees the full enjoyment of colour, form and vase life and at the same time is cultivated in a growing environment based on compliance with international social, ethical and environmental standards.
  • Whilst meeting all statutory requirements of the country, it is the aim of the Company to lead the fresh cut flower industry by setting new standards in product development, quality assurance, product safety and service levels to market.
  • Quality procedures are in place at every stage, meeting the quality specifications desired by the end customer, including:
    • Cut stage
    • Foliage
    • Head size
    • Stem length
    • Stem strength
    • Stem Weight
    • Bloom count
    • Bunch weight
    • Colour
    • Colour mix ratios
    • Colour mix design
    • Box packing
    • Box colour mixes
    • Product handling
    • Times of process
    • Cold Chain
    • Correct labeling of
      product and boxes
In order to monitor our product from field to shelf, a sample of every single product or bouquet is taken for transport simulation and vase life testing. The Vase Life sampling room provides a physical and technical monitoring of how our product behaves. Every observation is recorded and gives vital information on Display Until Dates, Guarantees and Variety and Product Behaviour.

It is vital for us to maintain such stringent high quality standards and procedures for without them our flowers won’t last as long.