Oserian holds one of the world’s largest Pack houses

    • Stage 1: Breeding,
      propagation and TC Lab
      This is the first stage of the 'seed to sale' Oserian concept and process. Either through internally based TC Lab or with associations with breeders and propagators; decisions are made on crop, volume, colour mix, variety and plant behaviour.
    • Stage 2: Growing
      and Harvesting
      Oserian's growing techniques, including hydroponics, geothermal heating and co2 enrichment come together with a dedicated, trained and committed workforce to ensure a top quality product.

    • Stage 3: Grading
      Product, once at the Pack house is graded and the 'Cold Chain' begins. Stringent measures, protocols and sophisticated systems allow for a quick and accurate grading to stem length, head size, colour and other market requirements.
    • Stage 4: Processing and,
      Packing: Packed at source
      Bouquets are Packed at source in line with strict customer specifications. This involves value addition by adding sleeves, flower food, labels and barcoding.
    • Stage 5: Dispatch to
      All products are fully traceable through every process back to the field. Packed and fully labeled they are pre-chilled to specific temperatures - part of the 'Cold Chain'. After a final quality check, boxes are placed on the refrigerated Oserian trucks and taken by road to Nairobi JKIA.
    • Stage 6: Flight and,
      Supply of Product
      At Oserian Nairobi, product is prepared for air shipment and destined for supermarkets and auctions. Temperatures and quality control checks ensure prime conditions so that a top quality product is received by the customer.
    • Stage 7: Contingency
      In case of any disaster or unforeseeable incident that may disrupt distribution, we have established processes and back-up systems to make sure our flowers always reach the market.