Oserian was one of the first flower farms to venture into large scale rose farming

Flower Production Processes
Oserian currently stands at the industry forefront as the largest multi-crop farm in Kenya, recognised as well for being the most technologically advanced flower farm in the country. We aim to run a farm that is solely operated on eco-friendly, alternative energy sources leaving a carbon free footprint throughout their production.

We currently operate the largest geothermal greenhouse heating project in the world combing geothermal heating and carbon dioxide in producing our diverse range of quality products. We produce 216 ha gross of mainly roses, carnations and statice.
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  • Roses
    • 96 ha Roses –Indoors
    • 1 ha Victorian Roses - outdoor
    • 12 ha Spray Roses
    • 2010: 115 ha Roses
    • 100% IPM
    • In 2009, Hortifair Awards, we got a Medal, 1st position for the Best Roses in the World
    • A successful promotion for our Fair Trade bracelets was launched in Amsterdam
    • In 2010, we achieved an Award from Sainsbury’s for most efficient African Supplier
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  • Carnations
    • 80 ha Spray Carnations
    • 100% Hydro
    • 100% IPM by 2011
    • One of the largest Spray Carnations farms in the world
    • Growing multiple award winning varieties
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  • Fillers
    • 11.5 ha Statice CDB + 2.4 ha Gross other Crystal colours
    • 1.07 ha Gypsophila
    • 11 ha of NPD crops
    • 8 ha Lisianthus
    • Multiple award winning varieties
    • We also grow the following fillers; Gypsophila, Lisianthus, Sunflower, Eucalyptus, Cocollus, Vibernum, Fern, Echinacea, Alstroemeria, Solidago and Phlox
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  • Production Processes
    • Annual Production - 380 m stems
    • Operate a 2.5 MW Geothermal Power Plant; farm is self sufficiency in electrical energy
    • Stage 1: Breeding, propagation and Tissue Culture lab

    •   State of the Art Tissue Culture Laboratory
        Operate two 2.9 MW Geothermal Power Plants; the farm is self sufficient in electrical energy
    • Stage 2: Oserian growing and Harvesting

      50 ha Geothermal Rose Project, largest of its kind
      One of the largest Spray Carnation farms in the world
      Flowers grown using advanced hydroponics and water conservation techniques
      Humidity and temperature control applied in greenhouses
    • Stage 3: Grading

      Grading halls pack and prepare up to 1 million stems per day
      Flowers are graded on stem length, head size, colour and other market requirements
    • Stage 4: Processing and Packing: Packed at Source

      Flowers are packed and fully labeled which involves value addition by adding sleeves, flower food, labels and bar-coding
    • Stage 5: Dispatch to Nairobi

      Products are fully traceable through every process back to the field
      They are pre-chilled to specific temperatures
      After a final quality check, boxes are placed on refrigerated Oserian trucks and taken by road to Nairobi JKIA
    • Stage 6: Flight and Supply of Product

      Oserian is one of the first farms to conduct trails in sea freight and is responsible for the first commercial exports from Kenya by sea