Oserian was one of the first flower farms to venture into large scale rose farming

CSR & Fair Trade
Oserian is a leader in employee welfare and corporate social responsibility being a strong proponent and believer in freedom of association. They have signed a direct Recognition Agreement and negotiated a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the Union. They have the highest accreditation for market access with a strong set-up for Fairtrade accreditation, namely:
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  • Employment
4,600 employees in permanent employment
Highest floricultural wage in Kenya. The lowest scale is double the legislated minimum wage and the Union negotiated minimum for the industry
Provision of 3 month paid maternity leave without loss of benefit. Expectant mothers proceed for maternity leave at least one month before their expected date of delivery and upon a doctor’s recommendation they are allocated light duties
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  • Medical Provisions
Free medical for employees, spouse and four of their children at our modern Health Centers supported by a 24 hour ambulance service
Partners of the Naivasha Women’s Hospital through a donation to build the new hospital wing
Support to persons living with HIV/AIDS through provision of nutritional food supplements to members of the support group
Current investment value on the Health Centre to date:
  Building: Ksh 6.16 Million
  Ambulance: Ksh 2.1 Million
  Humacount Machine: Ksh 0.8 Million
  Computers: Ksh 0.108 Million
  Other Equipment: Ksh 0.195 Million
  TOTAL: Ksh 9.36 Million
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  • Facilities
ATM services on the farm to encourage employees to save and receive their wages
Modern crèche facilities managed by a Matron and a team of qualified and well trained attendants. As a policy the company allows nursing mothers at least one hour company time to visit any of the two available crèches and breast feed their babies
Excellent social infrastructural facilities including a modern library, social halls with satellite linked TV services and a modern soccer stadium
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  • Education Support

Provision of a free but holistic education system to employees’ children and 10% of the community children through 3 modern Early Childhood Development centers (ECDs), 3 primary schools and a secondary school
Company also operates a bursary scheme for college and university education. These facilities have recently been modernized to include excellent administration offices blocks, modern libraries and computer classrooms
Vocational training for employees and their dependants offered through the FT Training Center. The center offers courses in computer skills, tailoring, knitting, commercial courses among others
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  • Infrastructure Construction

Housing is provided for employees and their dependents. We currently house just under 10,000 people
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  • Awareness Campaigns

Strong proactive campaigns to fight HIV/Aids supported by a comprehensive HIV/Aids policy
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  • Community Projects
    • Support to neighbouring communities providing tree seedlings and water projects
    • Built a modern Dispensary for the Inkorienito community
    • Construction of classrooms and staff’s houses for various primary schools around the company
    • Construction of boreholes and watering troughs for livestock
    • Grading of rural access roads
    • Provision of Primary schools teaching staff
    • Provided funding for the Rubiri Water Project
    • Provide full support to Kongoni Police Station by supplying water and electricity
    • Donated funds towards the construction of Naivasha Women’s Hospital amounting to KSH 10,606,614