Oserian was one of the first flower farms to venture into large scale rose farming

Care And Conservation Through Trade
Oserian is committed to improving and sustaining the environment. This involves good agricultural practices, efficient land management, good husbandry and animal welfare, enhancements of wildlife habitats and the maintenance of landscape and rural communities.
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  • Wildlife Conservation
18,000 acre Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary enclosed in a 45km electric fence
Conservation of endangered species such as Rhino, Grevy Zebra and Cheetah
An increase of 83% in Rhino population since 1996. From 6 Rhinos in 1996 to 14 in 2009
Sanctuary contains over 300 identified bird species including the largest population of ‘Grey Crested Helmet Shrikes
Wildlife corridor allowing free access and movement of wildlife to and from Hell’s Gate National Park
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  • Community Support

Community Projects; construction of schools, clinics, water supply sources, Naivasha County Hospital, education sponsorship e.t.c. (Fair Trade and company sponsored)
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  • Eco-Friendly Practices

    • Plastic Recycling for fence posts
    • Waste Recycling
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  • Land Conservation

No farming on Riparian Land
Soil Conservation (minimization of erosion) and regeneration of areas formerly under cultivation
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  • Crops and Chemicals
Extensive use of Biological controls as an integral part of crop management
Reduced chemical use due to humidity control afforded by Geothermal resource
Conversion of CO2 from neighbouring power station into Oxygen through the photosynthesis process in our Roses
Water abstraction from the lake reduced by 40% due to hydroponics
Tree planting and environmental conservation programme to improve diversity of indigenous trees, shrubs and other plants
Rhodes Grass seed planted in areas formerly under cultivation, harvested and used as a source of hay for livestock and equine industry
Modernized Constructed Wetlands to purify Packhouse runoff and act as a source of aquatic biodiversity. It also serves as habitat to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial bird species and Tilapia fish
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  • Observation and Responsibility
Biodiversity surveys, Ornithological surveys, Botanical surveys, Environment Management Plan, Environmental Audits and Environment Impact Assessments
Continual monitoring to provide the environmental complement, environmental protection and environmental enhancement to and of all Oserian activities
At the heart of this commitment is a singular objective of continuous improvement in everything that we do - reducing impact of our activities on the environment, protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, supporting surrounding communities, and ensuring sustained responsible growth and profitability