Oserian was one of the first flower farms to venture into large scale rose farming

We have been instrumental in sharing our processes and helping open doors for the flower industry in Kenya.
  • Fair Trade:
  • Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO)
    We received accreditation in 2004 and were one of the first farms to do so . FLO controls all social and environmental standards, and allows sales with any Fairtrade National Initiative in Europe and the US.
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  • Max Havelaar:
  • Covering social and environmental issues
    Our association allows sales into the Swiss market. Accreditation under the FLO International.
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  • KFC:
  • Gold-Silver Member of Kenya Flower Council
    Peter Zwager is the chairman and one of the founding members of KFC. It is a voluntary association of Flower Growers with a code of conduct of its members covering social and environmental issues producing in a responsible manner which includes Global Gap.
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  • MPS:
  • Milieu Programma Sierteelt
    We have the following MPS qualifications:
    MPS- Social Qualified: for social elements including aspects of worker welfare and working conditions. MPS- A: for chemical, fertiliser and water utilisation. MPS- GAP: covering all Good Agricultural Practices.

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  • BOPP:
  • British Ornamental Plant Producers
    Control Points and Compliance Criteria of BOPP Certification Scheme. Ornamental Horticulture Packhouse Standards.
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  • LEAF:
  • Linking Environment and Farming
    LEAF brings together different stakeholders who are motivated by a common concern for the future of farming, developing a system of farming which is realistic and achievable for the majority of farmers
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  • LNRA:
  • Lake Naivasha Riparian Association
    The Zwager family and Oserian flowers have been members of LNRA since its inception. The association works with farmers, landowners and other stakeholders around the Lake in matters of protection of the fragile riparian land surrounding Lake Naivasha.
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  • LNGG:
  • Lake Naivasha Growers Group
    Peter Zwager is one of the founding members of LNGG. This association aims to help grower members around the Lake Naivasha catchment area balance commercial interests while considering environmental sustainability
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  • TWFK:
  • The Waitrose Foundation Kenya
    For each stem sold through Waitrose supermarket chains, Oserian contributes an amount which the supermarket doubles and sets aside for intended projects decided on by the workers or small holder committees.
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